Elevated Red River Cheddar Biscuits

Elevated Red River Cheddar Biscuits

The garlic cheddar biscuit is one of the most beloved biscuits of all time thanks to the Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuit. We make our Red River Cheddar Biscuit a little bit different including adding a little Louisiana heat to the recipe! 

It's easy to dress up your Red River Cheddar Biscuits and elevate them to another level with ingredients you already have at home!

Elevated Red River Cheddar Biscuits

You Need:
   ✦ one bag of Red River Cheddar frozen ready-to-bake biscuit
   ✦ half a stick of butter (4 Tablespoons)
   ✦ 1/2 tsp garlic powder
   ✦ 1/4 tsp fresh or dried parsley
   ✦ salt

1) Bake your biscuits according to the package to desired golden hue!
2) Melt butter on stove or in microwave
3) Whisk seasonings and melted butter with a fork
4) Brush butter mixture over the top of biscuits when they come out of the oven
5) Now it's time to enjoy!


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