Top 5 Biscuit Books on Hoopla

Top 5 Biscuit Books on Hoopla

Public libraries are a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning a new skill or hobby. Hoopla Digital app makes library browsing easier, allowing anyone with a library card the opportunity to access thousands of titles on every topic in the Dewey Decimal system! I decided to read through all of the biscuit cookbooks on Hoopla to find the Top 5 Books with the biscuit-y-est recipes!

Biscuits by Jackie Garvin "BISCUITS" by Jackie Garvin

Jackie Garvin's "Biscuits" is an all-encompassing biscuit cookbook and record of the history of biscuits in the United States. The central focus of Garvin's recipes and stories are her love for Southern food and culture, and she gives the book a personal touch by weaving her family stories throughout. Her biscuit recipes range from rolled and cut biscuits to drop biscuits and biscuit breads! This book is the perfect resource for anyone interested in getting into biscuit baking or expanding their biscuit repertoire!

Biscuits by Belinda Ellis"BISCUITS" by Belinda Ellis

"Biscuits" by Belinda Ellis is a 'SAVOR THE SOUTH' cookbook, and it shows in the beautiful recipes that will remind you of Sunday suppers at grandmas house! Ellis gives recipes for all of the major and minor biscuit varieties ranging in skill level from 'Southern Biscuits Step-by-Step' to the 'I-Can't-Believe-Biscuits-Can-Be-This-Easy Cream Biscuits'. The book is quite comprehensive, including flavored biscuits, dessert biscuits, and biscuit toppers.


Muffins and Biscuits by Heidi Gibson "Muffins and Biscuits" by Heidi Gibson

"Muffins and Biscuits" by Heidi Gibson is one of two Hoopla cookbooks by the award winning grilled cheese champion. Beyond just biscuits, Gibson shares recipes for delicious spreads and muffins that will knock your socks off. The author also gives helpful instructions for the 'Biscuit Basics' including detailed cutting, handling, and storage guidelines for your biscuits!


Southern Biscuits by Nathalie Dupree "Southern Biscuits" by Nathalie Dupree

"Southern Biscuits" by Nathalie Dupree is described as the "definitive biscuit baking book" and that makes sense since Dupree is nationally known for her biscuits. She has been featured on PBS, TLC, and The Food Network and has won a James Beard award for one of her cookbooks. The online cookbook is organized into easy-to-reach sections that include 'Embellished Biscuits' 
and a 'Gilding the Lily' section which includes decadent biscuit toppings like 'Butterscotch Sauce'!


101 Things To Do With Canned Biscuits by Toni Patrick "101 Things To Do With Canned Biscuits" by Toni Patrick

"101 Things To Do With Canned Biscuits" by Toni Patrick is the perfect book for baking with biscuits without actually making the biscuits! With this cookbook and a box of Shreveport Cottage Homestead Classic Buttermilk Biscuits you can make a wide variety of crowd-pleasing treats including 'Shrimp and Pork Pot Stickers', 'Peach Pinwheels', and 'Roasted Vegetable Strata'!

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