Vendor Recipe: Local Cooling Farms Stew Biscuit "Pot Pie"

Vendor Recipe: Local Cooling Farms Stew Biscuit "Pot Pie"

Biscuits aren't just for breakfast: our friends from Local Cooling Farms & Laughing Buddha Nursery down in Southern Louisiana use Shreveport Biscuit Company frozen ready-to-bake biscuits to easily turn stews and soups into hearty winter meals. Whether on beef stew or chicken soup, our biscuits bake up on top of your favorite cold weather dishes to form a delicious biscuity layer!

Kate of Laughing Buddha Nursery says:
Add your biscuits to already-cooked soup and stews then bake in the oven until biscuits are cooked through and golden brown. For beef stew Kate used full buttermilk biscuits and horizontally sliced biscuits for chicken pot pie! Suggested baking time is around 20 minutes, but this will vary by oven.

You can make your own biscuit pot pie with your favorite soup and a bag of frozen-ready-to bake Shreveport Biscuit Company biscuits available at these Louisiana grocery retailers!
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